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Working on an article about Rightee?
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Release Date

20 March 2023

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154 Countries

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The basics

What is Rightee?

Rightee is an exciting new app created by 4 Precision LTD, a start-up established in London, with a single mission in mind: to bring precision and accessibility into sports. With Rightee, our goal is to simplify the major challenges in golf and make them easier to tackle.

Why Rightee?

With Rightee, we wanted to improve upon golf GPS (mobile and standalone) solutions that are available on the market. Every golfer knows that in a normal situation, you can't beat a laser rangefinder for accuracy. However, there is one thing we believe no one has gotten right yet: shot compensation for different environmental conditions, and we believe we have. This means, that on situations where weather comes into play, Rightee will be the right choice.

How does Rightee work?

It is no secret that the main differentiator between Rightee and our competitors is our advanced shot suggestions for different environmental conditions. To do so, we use our proprietary algorithm to deduce our user's playing characteristics, from the data they have input into our app. We then collect wind, temperature, humidity, and pressure data from the local forecast, and input it into our own simulation. After that split second is over, we are then ready to display in-depth suggestions of exactly what the player should do in the current circumstances.

Why did you start Rightee?

We started Rightee because of how unpredictable golf is. Of course, this unpredictability is what makes the sport fun, but at the same time, it's what makes it frustrating. We wanted to turn golf a little bit more pleasant for those causal golfers, while at the same time providing key data and suggestions for those players who want improve at a faster pace.

What's next for Rightee?

Our overall mission is to give confidence to golfers and make the sport more accessible. The one thing we will be focus on during this path is simple: social features. We strongly believe that implementing social features to the app will have tremendous effects on its usability - not only in terms of connecting friends, but in getting advice, finding playing partners, etc.

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Guilherme Ribeiro

CEO & Co-Founder

Guilherme Ribeiro is a co-founder and CEO of Rightee. Guilherme has a background in Product and Industrial Design. Apart from overseeing the company's general operations he is responsible for the hardware development and UI/UX design for Rightee.

Rodrigo Ribeiro

CTO & Co-Founder

Rodrigo Ribeiro is a co-founder and CTO of Rightee. Rodrigo is an Aerospace Engineer and is currently enrolled his PhD. He is responsible for our technological development.