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Rightee - the pocket-sized golf assistant that improves your golf game. With shot and club recommendations powered by local weather data, GPS and a database of over 38,000 golf courses. Play with friends, track your scores, and receive guidance on how to better your golf game.

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Always know your aim.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one" - Ben Hogan

Get professional caddie-like advice at the palm of your hands. Use our shot suggestion tool to understand how to play your next shot according to current playing conditions. Be fully committed to your next swing and feel confident you are making the right decision.

Your personal golf dashboard.

Wind compensation

Know exactly where to aim and what to do in those windy conditions

Trajectory prediction

Understand how different shot trajectories will affect your results.

Club recommendations

Club recommendations and alternatives for every situation.

Power suggestion

Knowing what club to use is not enough. Know how hard to swing it.

Custom-made for you.

Fully customize your bag and leave the rest to us. With Rightee, you will be able to set your average distances but you will also be able to input data you have acquired on a simulator (maximum&minimum distances, launch angle, launch speed, and spin). Your app and suggestions will be completely tailored to you!

Track your

Track how far you hit your shot and visualize your shots throughout your round, with our Shot Tracking feature. Simply press the track button, choose what club you hit, and walk to your ball. We will tell you how far it went.

Advanced statistics.

Keep an eye on your performance with our advanced statistics. We will show your Average Score, Fairways in Regulation, Greens in Regulation, Recovery, Score by Par and Putting stats, dating back to when you started using Rightee.

Scorecards and more.

Easily keep track of your game, record yours and up to 3 players’ scores, and log putts, sand shots, tee shots, and penalties. On top of all that, we also offer 3 different game types: Stroke Play, Match Play, and Stableford.


Help shape the future of golf.

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iOS and Android compatibility. Tell us which platform you use and we will cater to you.

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We welcome beginners and professionals, as long as you play regularly.

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