Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us at

How do I get access to the pre-launch Rightee app?

Some steps are different for iOS and Android users. Please select the appropriate section above.

If you haven't already, head to the App Store and download the TestFlight App

TestFlight Logo

You will receive an e-mail from “Gui at Rightee”, titled “Rightee Access Links”. Find the link next to "Apple iOS" and tap on it. This will re-direct you to TestFlight.

Rightee exclusive link example

Once inside the TestFlight app, you will see the Rightee app available to download. Press on the accept and then install button.

After Rightee has finished downloading, find it in your home screen and open it. You will be prompted with permission requests for location and bluetooth. For the app to work properly, allow both.

Once those permissions have been granted, you can press the ‘Next‘ button and then the ‘Start Testing’ button. And that’s it! You now have full access to Rightee. Sign up and begin testing!

After signing up to Rightee, make sure you head to the MyBag section on the bottom toolbar. Make sure you set-up all your clubs as accurately as possible so the app works as it should.

How do I provide feedback to Rightee?

To provide feedback on TestFlight, you can either do it with a screenshot or without it. If you think including it might be helpful, then take the screenshot and then head to TestFlight.

Inside TestFlight, press on the Rightee app and you will see a button called “Send Beta Feedback”. Press on it. You will be prompted with a question of whether you want to include a screenshot or not. Choose the appropriate one. Now you can write the appropriate feedback(s) to the issue(s) you have faced or feature recommendations.

TestFlight feedback

To provide feedback on Slack, firstly, head to the appropriate channel. You can pick between bug reporting, feature suggestions, or general.

Inside your appropriate Discord channel, you will be able to leave feedback (with screenshots), create polls, suggest new features, participate in discussions, and much more!

How do I join the Discord community?

Before you join the Discord group you will need to registered on the Home Page. You will then find the Discord link on the Thank You page or on the first email we sent you, titled: "Your exclusive Rightee access link!"

Click on the invite link to the Discord server. You will be re-directed to the Rightee Beta Discord server.

Click on "Accept Invite". If you are on your phone, you will be directed to download the app. Go ahead and download it and create an account. Once you have finished setting up, you will be inside our community!

Can I leave the beta programme?

Of course. If you wish to leave the beta program and wait for the full release, you’re free to do so. These steps are different for iOS and Android users. Please see the appropriate section.

Firstly, delete the Rightee app from your phone.

Rightee App on homescreen

Secondly, head to the TestFlight app and go to the Rightee page. Inside our page, scroll all the way to the bottom and press on “Stop Testing”.

Rightee TestFlight page - scrolled

If you wish to leave the beta program and wait for the full release, please make sure you also leave Rightee’s Discord server.  Here’s how:

From your desktop or app, right click on the workspace icon, and tap on the three dots symbol.

Click on Leave Server.

What information does Rightee collect when I join the beta test?

To personalize your experience and improve our app, Rightee may collect the following information:

System information, such as devices, operating system, amount of memory installed, and screen resolution and size.

Player information such as handicap, home course, and general statistics (average score, greens in regulation, fairways in regulation, putting, recovery, and score by par.

General user information, such as full name, e-mail, gender, and picture (if you choose to upload one)

General round information, such as golf course, score, playing partners, general statistics, duration, selected tee, game time, scorecard, and round number

How do I start a round?

Choose the course you would like to play in from the Nearby list or by manually searching.

After clicking on the course of your choice, press on "Start Round".

Pick your playing parters (optional), select the tee you are playing from, and the game type you would like to play.

Press "Start Round" and you will be taken the first tee of the course you are playing.

How do I finish a round?

To finish a round, firstly make sure you are on the GPS page for any hole in the course you are playing

Tap on top of the hole information - where is shows the hole number, S.I. and par.

A pop-up will appear where you can press "Stop Round". From there you can choose whether to "Save and Finish", or "Delete Round". Alternatively, you can press the back arrow and get back to your round later.

I signed up to Rightee Premium but it hasn't activated. What do I do?

There may have been an issue with the automated refreshing of your subscription status. To make sure you get access to your subscription, you will need to manually refresh the app by following the steps below.

Head to one of the following screens on the main menu: "Courses", "MyBag", or "Profile".

Pull the screen down until you see a loading icon.

Head to the "Profile" screen and scroll to the bottom. If it says "Premium" below the Sign Out bottom, your premium is now active. If the error persists, please get in touch with us at

How do I request course changes?

If your course has any errors with it's mapping or information, or if it is not showing up on the Rightee app, please get in touch with us at